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M.1893 oder M.1916 Trinkbecher

German soldiers were issued a Trinkbecher, a small ovular drinking cup. When the war started, the issue cup would have been the M.1893 model that was made of aluminum with steel wire folding handles attached to the cup with an aluminum plate riveted to the side of the cup with six aluminum rivets.  As aluminum became scarce, production switched to tin plated steel in 1915, the plate attaching the wire handles was welded to the cup.  Tin plate was found to be unacceptable as it wore away quickly and rust formed easily, and in 1916 production turned to enameled steel with a single fixed handle on the end of the cup.

Original black painted M.1893 Trinkbecher

Two original M.1893 Trinkbecher, with and without the pressed spout.

M.1915 tinned-plated steel Trinkbecher

M.1916 enameled steel Trinkbecher

Many reenactor Soldaten wear the Trinkbecher hooked to the canteen; this is an improper way of carrying it and also increases the risk of loss and damage as it is easily snagged and the bail handle will easily pull loose. The proper carrying place for the Trinkbecher is in the Brotbeutel.

The following schematic give dimensions for both the aluminum and enameled Trinkbecher: