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Eßbesteck (Spork/Easting Utensil)

German Soldaten were each issued with an Eßbesteck, a combination folding spoon/fork — commonly referred in english as a Spork — a combination of the words spoon and fork. Ironically, this item is also called a Göffel by the Germans — a combination of the words Gabel (fork) and Löffel (Spoon).

Original Eßbesteck

The Eßbesteck was constructed from tin-plated steel and there were two different patterns, one for mounted troops and one for dismounted troops. The dismounted/infantry model was longer and the spoon portion had a small downward bend that allowed the Eßbesteck to snap into the top of the infantry pattern Kochsgeschirr. Mounted troops carried a larger Kochsgeschirr, so the Eßbesteck for mounted troops was shorter and designed to be carried in the Brotbeutel or pockets.

Eßbesteck as stored in the Kochsgeschirr

The following schematic give dimensions for the basic Eßbesteck:

Note: All members of IR63 are required to obtain a proper WWI pattern Eßbesteck. This means an original tin-plated steel version with the bend for storage in the Kochgeschirr. Cavalry versions or WWII pattern aluminum (originals or reproductions) are NOT ALLOWED.