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Kleiner Spaten oder Schanzzeug (Entrenching Tool) und
Schanzzeugtasche (Carrier)

As the Great War devolved into sustained trench warfare, the entrenching tool became more and more important. The Schanzzeug that the ordinary Infanterie Soldat carried was the Kleiner Spaten für Infanterie (short infantry shovel). The Spaten had a straight handle with a ball shaped end. The blade was square shaped and usually had one edge sharpened to make it into a very deadly weapon.

Original Schanzzeug with bent ears.

The Schanzzeug came in two basic patterns, the "folded ear" and "bent ear". Surviving examples of each show dates before and during the war, so it appears they were both produced and issued concurrently.  Either pattern is acceptable for use in IR63.  Many European countries for many years during and after the war produced shovels of nearly an identical size and design, so locating a Schanzzeug for use in IR63 is fairly easy, but there are a couple of key details some may not have that will need to be avoided: the blade must be of a two-piece design that clamps the blade to the handle and held together with (6) rivets, and the handle should not be tapered and shall have the bulb on the end as shown.

Original Schanzzeug with folded ears and original Schanzzeugtasche

Photo from Johan Somer's Imperial German Field
Uniforms and Equipment 1907-1918

Above: Shovel and bayonet set as worn on the belt.

The following schematic give basic dimensions of a "folded ear" model: