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Each Soldat was issued a Soldbuch, this was primarily his paybook, but for the German soldier it also contained his entire military history. It held pertinent data such as name, rank, unit information and training as well as home, birthplace and family info, It also listed his height, weight, build, etc. Promotions and awards would also be recorded in the Soldbuch as well and medical records and reprimands.

Original Soldbuch and leather wallet. The wallet was a private purchase item and was frequently
constructed of oilcloth. This example has a neck cord, but uniform tunics were constructed with a
pocket specifically designated for the Soldbuch.

In IR63, a Soldbuch will be issued to each recruit when he completes his probationary period. It will be filled in by the unit Schreiber with your persona's particulars. The Kompanieführer, your Zugführer or your sponsor can help you with your research for your persona.