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Reenacting Organizations

  • Great War Association - Based at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site in Newville, Pennsylvania, the GWA is the East Coast's umbrella organization for Great War reenacting. The GWA hosts two annual combat reenactments each year. The GWA actually owns its own battle site. This site is designed complete trenches, underground bunkers, shell holes and machine gun nests. The GWA has many different units from all sides.

  • Great War Historical Society - The West Coast Great War organization. These guys hold events similar to the GWA's and they strive to do it right. The GWHS holds two events a year set up so as NOT to conflict with the GWA's events.

  • Midwest Great War Living History Association - The MGWLHA is a non-profit dedicated to the education of the public about the practical realities of soldierly life in World War I and other historical eras. The organization is centered in Kansas City but holds events throughout the Midwest and has members across the nation.

  • Airdrome Aeroplanes (USA) - We are enthusiasts of World War I era airplanes, of any scale. If you would rather watch a World War I airplane fly straight and level than a Pitts do a complete aerobatic routine, then you are one of us. If a plane looks naked to you because it doesn't have guns, then you've come to the right place. If you hold services at the flying field every April 21st, then we're your group. (This last example is a little bit of a stretch, but you get the point). We want to bring people together who share this passion. We want you to be a regular feature in our newsletter.

  • Western Front Association - The Western Front Association (WFA) was formed with the aim of furthering interest in The Great War of 1914-1918. We also aim to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of all those on all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries during The Great War.

  • Living History Reenactment Association - The LHRA, Inc. sponsors private and public battle reenactments, public and private displays of the members' military memorabilia, uniforms, equipment and vehicles.  We also participate in parades, air shows and media projects, documentaries, movies, etc. We assist our members in getting started in this fulfilling and fun adventure.

  • Australian Light Horse Association - A non-profit organization, whose aim is to preserve the history and tradition of the Australian Light Horse and its predecessors. The site is dedicated to the Australian Light Horse Regiments, and the Light Horsemen who served their country in both war and peace, and contains both historical and current information on famous regiments and famous battles, as well as information on both ordinary soldiers and commanders, existing Military Units, current Re-enactment Troops, and Light Horse Museums.

  • Salient Remembrance Detachment 1914-18 -We are a WW1 re-enacting / living history organisation in Flanders. We started this organization after The Wings and wheels weekend at Ursel (Flanders), august 2003. S.R.D. was the founded by several experienced re-enactors. We are specialized in Commonwealth WW1 remembrance and living history. But some members study other armies / periods too.  We have even some who do the German army 1917! Only on special request we can do other uniforms or periods.

Vendors: Reproductions

  • Steve Fisher Reproductions - Steve makes a lot of great products, these are his "standard" line, but he can do custom stuff, just ask!

  • Lost Battalions - is the manufacturer of the most accurate reproduction German World War Two uniforms available, and are now expanding into World War One. We are not the biggest company in the business and we have no wish to be. Our customers are those "hardcore authentic" reenactors, collectors, and museums who demand the greatest level of accuracy attainable in a reproduction. Our market niche is to cater to these knowledgeable people by producing reproduction German uniforms of the highest quality and widest selection on the market.

  • Schuster - Is a Russian manufacturer and vendor of a growing line of WWI German line of offerings. Currently we believe that their uniforms provide the best quality and authenticity at the best price. They are probably the only place left to find authentic boots, both low boots and Marschstiefel. Lead time is approximately three months, but we have heard of no problems in ordering or delivery.

  • Hessen Antique - is a small family owned business specializing in original and reproduction 20th century European and American militaria. We carry a full line of quality reproduction WWI Imperial German headgear and uniforms in high quality and at competitive prices.

  • Mattimore Harness - Don't let the name "Civil War Boots" throw you - he offers military footwear for a variety of eras. This is the source for the 1915 Bavarian Universal Cavalry Boots and German ankle boots. The website doesn't picture either of these items so it is best to call first and discuss with Tom. Be aware- delivery time is often some 12 to 16 weeks since he makes most of these boots himself. Workmanship and quality are top-notch.

  • Robert Land Footwear - Located in Canada, he makes a wide range of historical footwear, including a WWI French ankle boot and an Imperial German jackboot.

  • Militarie-repliky - Located in Czechoslovakia, they sells primarily Austro-Hungarian and Czech reproductions, but they have a growing line of Imperial German products, and some items like shirts can be used for both A-H and German impressions.

  • Leibstandarte - Located in Czechoslovakia, they have an extensive line of Imperial German items, original and reproduction, including many items found nowhere else. Buying from the website is difficult because payment is by bank transfer only, but the seller is on ebay under the name 'reenact_ru' and sales on ebay can be paid for with Paypal. You might try asking for a Paypal invoice if you see something you want not listed on ebay.

  • Bunker Militaria - Sells original and reproduction items to World War I & II German reenactors, good prices and quick shipping.

  • Prussian Glory - Prussian Glory Miltaria offers a full range of museum quality reproduction artifacts, produced by artists and craftsmen, the world over. The product line will be of great interest to collectors, historians and aficionados of Imperial Prussia. Unfortunately, they handle the period primarily between 1870 and 1900 so there are only a few items useful to WWI reenactor, but the site is still wicked cool!

  • International Military Antiques - IMA Inc was founded by Christian Cranmer in 1981. In 2004, his son Alexander joined the business and together (with plenty of help from their magnificent staff of 12) they have grown IMA to become the world leader of the Military Collectibles, Military Antiques and the Militaria industry. We offer thousands of military antique items, including very rare original pieces spanning the past five centuries, as well as hard to find top quality new made reproductions.

Vendors: Original Militaria

  • No Man's Land Militaria - Sell original militaria from both world wars, fair prices and excellent service.

  • Great War Militaria - The name says it all! GWM is THE store for WWI stuff. They mostly concentrate on original items. If you get a chance, go to their store as it is well-worth it!

  • Bayonet Trader - I have been collecting bayonets for over 20 years. I primarily specialize in Imperial German bayonets but am always interested in any rare or unusual bayonet from around the world. Please check out my bayonets that are for sale or trade below. This site is also a great reference for identifying bayonets that lets you know the relative rarity of a bayonet and its typical price range. All pieces are guaranteed authentic and supported with a 'no questions asked' return policy. This site specializes primarily in bayonets from around the world. Hopefully you enjoy this site and I would appreciate any comments you may have.

  • Military Antiques and Museum - The historic river front town of Petaluma, just 45 minutes North of San Francisco, California is the home of Military Antiques and Museum. With over 4,000 square feet of retail space plus our 2,000 square foot museum, it is the country's largest retail military shop.

  • Der Rittmeister Militaria - deals in fine collectibles from Imperial (pre-1918) Germany. Our inventory is constantly changing, with regular shipments from Europe. We also make numerous trips to Germany every year and have excellent connections to find the finest and most unique Imperial German items available anywhere.

Vendors: WWII Reproductions

  • At the Front - ATF has been in existence in one form or another since 1992. We provide exact reproduction WWII uniforms and gear for re-enactors, collectors, museums and films. (Some of the bits and pieces are useful for the WWI reenactor).

  • Landser Outfitters - Sells gear and supplies to World War II German reenactors, but belts, straps, utility buttons, etc. are useful to the Imperial German reenactor.

Vendors: Firearms and Firearms Parts

  • Auction Arms - Excellent firearms auction site, as to purchasing firearms, be sure to check your local laws before bidding and it is always a good idea to have a dealer in place for the transfer.

  • Gun - Excellent firearms auction site, as to purchasing firearms, be sure to check your local laws before bidding and it is always a good idea to have a dealer in place for the transfer.

  • - Excellent firearms buy & sell site, you can list for free and you can find just about any type of firearm over time from the pistols to full auto machine guns.

  • Sarco, Inc. - Sells original and reproduction parts for almost every weapon you might own, good prices and great service.

  • Numrich Gun Parts Corporation - Also sells original and reproduction parts for almost every weapon you might own, good prices and great service.

  • Atlantic Wall Blanks - We're gun collectors, shooters, and re-enactors. After years of not being able to reliably find quality blanks, or get them in a timely manner, we started Atlantic Wall Blanks in 2003. Treating you the way we would want to be treated has earned us a reputation as "the guys that will take care of you."
  • Apfeltor Waffenfabrilk - Robert specialized is G43 restoration and parts, but he also blank adapts P.08 Lugers and Mauser C96 Broomhandles if you ask. He isn't cheap, but his work is absolutely top-notch.
  • Black River Militaria - Bob Naess specializes in repairs and restorations of Class III machine guns. If you have a Maxim, or Vickers, or Browning that needs repairs, you would be foolish to go anywhere else.

Vendors: Restorations and Restoration Parts

  • Alexander and Sons Restorations - Alexander and Sons Restorations provides "Museum Quality Restorations For the Discriminating Collector." We provide quality helmets and helmet parts, as well as, equipment paint jobs.

  • German Helmets, Inc. - Offers both completely restored helmets and will restore helmets sent to him.

  • Prairie Flower Leather Company - Prairie Flower head harnesses and chin straps, head pads, and replacement rivets necessary for restoring the Stahlhelm. The workmanship is excellent.

Vendors: Off the path

  • Airdrome Aeroplanes - Now you can build and fly your own piece of Aviation History. And, at a price less than what you'd pay for a used car. (And, not a used BMW either.) Airdrome Aeroplane's kits of some of the most famous planes used in WWI will have you in the air in a fraction of the time needed to build other WWI replica aircraft. No hunting for parts or waiting for shipments.

  • Jon Smith Modellbau Modelmaking Made in Germany - This website shows the model kits & figures of Jon Smith Modellbau, Germany and is focused around the First World War. Models are produced in resin and special modeling plaster (for the larger bases or trench parts). These are kits for the model-maker and collector and are sculptured using the original photos, measurements and items from this period.

Discussion Forums

  • - the world-wide, on-line home of historical reenacting!

  • The Trench Line - The forum for World War One re-enactors and those with an interest in the military history of the Great War of 1914 - 1918.

  • - The forum for collectors of Imperial German militaria which spans the period of The Great War

Museums / Reference

  • The National WWI Museum - The National World War I Museum at Liberty Memorial inspires thought, dialogue, and learning to make the experiences of the World War I era meaningful and relevant for present and future generations.

  • The Imperial War Museum - IWM is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day. We seek to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'wartime experience'. We are proud to be regarded as essential sights of London, Cambridgeshire and Greater Manchester.

  • The Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History, Brussels - Belgium - The Museum is dedicated to offering an overview, as complete as possible, of what takes place in the military and its impact on society.

  • Kaiser's Bunker - A large collection of artifacts from Imperial Germany 1860 to 1918, including Pickelhauben (Spiked Helmets), tunics and caps. Similar categories include the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) 1914 to 1919, and the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) 1914 to 1918.

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