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How to Join Infanterie-Regiment 63

To participate with Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 63 at events, insurance regulations require participants must be men of at least 18 years of age.  Those under 18 are allowed to join as full members — as long as they will be 18 years of age by their first event.  For those under the age of 18 who wish to join, we do offer associate memberships - associate membership will provide you with the same benefits as a full membership, including being assigned a sponsor — but you will be prohibited from attending events until you are 18.

There is no maximum age limit or specific physical requirements, except that a member must be in sufficient physical shape to scramble out of trenches, crawl under barbed wire, and jump into shell craters. They must also be able to reasonably portray a soldier of the period

Members must purchase their own personal equipment and gear at their own expense. This can cost between $1500 and $3,000. However, the unit will assist the new recruit in obtaining or making his equipment at the lowest possible cost.  WE provide extensive guidelines and product reviews to assist you.

Annual dues for IR63 are $25, and annual dues for the Great War Association (required) are $25. We believe that these fees are well worth their cost.  Your $25 you pay provides you with trenches to fight in, a bunker to sleep and socialize in, period food to experience, and Kameradshaft with IR63 members and other members of the GWA.

For more information on joining Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 63,
please contact:

Tim Fensch, Unit XO
1092 Dandridge Road
Walterboro, SC, 29488
Telephone: 843.217.0800

Randall Chapman, Recruit Coordinator
7925 Jahnke Road
N. Chesterfield, VA 23235
Telephone: 804.560.6852

Click here to read the JR63 Guidelines for Prospective Members

Click here to download the Recruit Application in PDF form

Click Here to apply to IR63 online