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Die Wolldecke (Blanket)

Die Wolldecke (Blanket) is an item that was not actually issued, but is an item we as reenactors require for practical purposes.

Blankets were an item that was typically issued in garrison (i.e. back at the Kaserne) and not intended to be taken out to the field. It was expected that in the field, the solider's greatcoat would be sufficient.

As things turned out, just using greatcoats alone (especially the ones that the German Army started the war with in 1914) were woefully insufficient and in practice, soldiers acquired blankets to supplement their greatcoats. This usually worked out pretty well since much of the time their positions tended to be static (relatively).

Like most uniform items, each army corps often conducted its own procurement activities in regard to blankets. Combined with the soldiers themselves acquiring blankets, resulted in a multitude of varieties, although army procured blankets tended to be simple wool blankets in nondescript colors with some sort of stripe arrangement.

Original photo of a group of Soldaten,  note the Soldat in front
with the light colored, striped Decke.

For members of IR63, any standard all wool blanket, of a nondescript color and free of markings and modern materials (like nylon edging) should be acceptable. Recruits of IR63 are not actually required to purchase one, but try sleeping in a cold trench or bunker without one!